About the Dak’Art / Radio interview

The Biennale for contemporary African art in Senegal, the Dak’Art, takes place every two years. The festival is constantly growing. The overwhelming part of the exhibitions – in 2012 more than 130 – is located in Senegalese capital Dakar, scattered all over the city. This year, another 40 exhibitions were shown in the town of St. Louis, ancient capital of the country during colonial times situated in the north of the country close to the Mauretanian border.

The art festival is a magnificent opportunity to get to know the country closer and to meet international and Senegalese people with an interest in culture and arts. Not to mention all the side-events such as vernissages, concerts, street performances, dance, fashion shows…to take it briefly: time to party as well. The next Dak’Art is in May 2014!

For more information on the Dak’Art visit the official website of the Biennale.

Radio Interview

In the German online-radio multicult.fm I reported on the event.
Listen to the talk (in German):

Categories of this blog

Dak’Art IN: The official selection of art pieces curated by an international jury. In 2012 around 40 artists were chosen for this exhibition. 8 of them have been decorated with prices. For more information click here.

Dak’Art OFF: The major part of the Biennale: art exhibitions organized all over the city by galleries, artist associations, companies, institutions and private persons. A good way for visitors to discover the vibrant cultural life of Dakar and to see the quite contrasting disctricts of town. For more information click here.

Graffiti: Dakar is also an important African metropolis of graffiti. The first “graffeurs” Senegalese have been inspired from the graffiti movement in the US that started in the 80s. In Dakar, we see a big boost of this art form since the 90s. Now also other forms of street art are becoming more and more popular. A few graffiti artists participated in exhibitions of the Dak’Art OFF.

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