Papa Ibra Tall – Senegal

Papa Ibra Tall (in the middle, wearing a bright boubou / garment, holding his son’s hand) at the vernissage of his exhibition.

Papa Ibra Tall is one of the Senegalese pioneers of contemporary art. He was born in Tivavouane / Senegal in 1935. He graduated from the Special School of Architecture and Fine Arts school in Paris. Between 1962 and 1963 he attended the Craft school of Sèvres / France. During that time he started focusing on materials such as ceramics, silk screen and tapestry. In 1966 he joined the National Manufacture of Tapestry created by President Senghor. Since the 70s he fullfilled different functions for the Ministry of Culture. In 1989 he became Chief Executive Officer of the Senegalese Manufactures of Decorative Arts in 1989.

Read more information about Papa Ibra Tall.

Vernissage of the Biennale’s exhibition in tribute to Papa Ibra Tall at the “Place du Souvenir”

Many visitors attended the opening of the Papa Ibra Tall-exhibition that went along with a lot of music and noise. The artist was accompanied by his family clan. The Tall family enjoys a lot of respect and is well-known in the country. Two griots on horses praised with their singing Papa Ibra Tall’s achievements. Among the guests of the vernissage was the famous Senegalese musician and current Minister of Culture Youssou N’Dour.

The opening ceremony at the “Place du Souvenir”  at Dakar’s seaside – some impressions:

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Some tapestry and graphic works of the exhibition in tribute to Papa Ibra Tall :


  1. jonathan miller

    i would also love to use some of this .

    • Audioslide

      Thanks for your comment and sorry that I get back to you only now, I am not really active in blogging at the moment. Indeed, Papa Ibra Tall is a great artist!

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