Photo exhibition “Chronique d’une révolte” – Senegal

© Raw Material Company

The exhibition „Chronique d’une révolte – photographies d’une saison de protestations“ (“Chronicle of a revolt – photographs from a season of protestations”) was shown in the cultural center “Biscuiterie de Medina” (“Biscuit Factory”), an amazing ancient factory building in Dakar.

The exhibition, curated by the RAW Material Company, shows pictures of the „Senegalese spring“. 20 press photographers followed the appeal of the Raw Material Company to participate in this project and placed at the disposal pictures of the demonstrations preceding the Presidential elections in Senegal in February 2012.

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The curator of the exhibition and artistic director of the RAW Material Company, Koyo Kouoh, about the significance of the “Senegalese spring”:

Two of the participant photographers:

Mamadou Gomis

The photographer about the significance of the exhibition „Chronique d’une révolte”:

Erick Christian Ahounou 

One of his photos shows the daughter and the son of former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade at a polling station during the last elections in February (see picture below).

Ahounou’s comment about the photo:

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